Daniela is originally from Bogota, Colombia and has been a resident of Cape Coral for 18 years. Even as a young child, she’s been interested in anything creepy, crawly, scaley and fluffy. She started working professionally with animals at Petco (where she met her husband) then moved on to be a daycare/ kennel attendant and finally, a veterinary technician for the past 2 years. Daniela is also a licensed reptile breeder and enjoy painting, photography, and kayaking with her husband and two dogs Kira and Eevee.


Two dogs, Kira and Eevee, a cat named Tonks, an umbrella cockatoo (Blue), a blue tongue skink (Hermione), 10 beautiful snakes, a Cuban false chameleon (Spud), 12 crested geckos, a Colorado desert toad (Agnes), hedgehog (Noot Noot), 2 sugar gliders, a leech (Feleechia), a snail (Norbert), a turtle (Crush), a Pac-Man frog (Cheeseburger) and last but not least, 4 tarantulas.