Dr. Elizabeth Smith

Dr. Elizabeth Smith graduated from the University of Wisconsin (go Badgers) with a degree in Wildlife Ecology and moved to Florida while working for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  She then entered graduate school and veterinary school at the University of Florida (go Gators) and earned an M.S. in Wildlife Ecology and a DVM.  The Smiths moved to Cape Coral in 1991 and Dr. Smith has practiced small animal medicine in the area for 23 years.

Dr. Smith and her husband Chuck, a commercial real estate agent, are the owners of Baywood Veterinary Hospital.  They have been happily married for 25 years and are the proud parents of Hunter.  Hunter is currently a second Lieutenant in the Army, a second year medical student at Tulane University, is completing work for a Masters of Public Health, and is also conducting research on medical ethics.

Dr. Smith grew up in Madison Wisconsin and was obsessed with all things four legged and furry from the very start.  Much to her parents chagrin she constantly showed up with abandoned or injured ducks, chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits, kittens, etc.  Much to her husband’s chagrin this is a habit she has not abandoned.  The current Smith menagerie includes Java, a Border Collie, Jax a formerly stray cat, General Chesty Puller, another formerly abandoned cat, Pidge a pigeon brought in to the clinic with a broken leg and wing (and still alive over 8 years later), seven Zebra Finches, and a rescued Dove known as Pegleg who had a broken wing and one leg.