Ease your concerns about leaving your pet behind while you’re away: Let our qualified staff take care of him or her. We will provide your dog or cat with a safe, comfortable, “home away from home” atmosphere. We are happy to accommodate any special care or needs your pet might have. Just let us know when you make the reservation.

Amenities such as bedding, food and treats are provided, but feel free to bring your own if you’d prefer. Toys and other personal items that are washable are welcome. Our staff will administer any needed medication and follow your specified feeding regimen. We can provide a high-quality diet and treats for your pet, although eating their own food tends to agree better with most boarded pets. Your pet can be bathed, brushed and have a toe nail trim before going home if you would like.

Our kennel staff monitors the boarding area and our veterinarians and technicians regularly check on the pets, You have the added benefit of knowing that one of our clinicians will promptly begin treatment if your pet gets sick during his or her stay. In addition, we can arrange for veterinary services such as annual examinations, vaccinations or dental cleanings to be performed while your pet is boarded with us.

To keep all our patients as healthy as possible, we require that pets boarding with us have a current rabies vaccination, along with other species-specific vaccinations. In addition, all pets need to be treated with a flea and tick prevention. Please call us for more information on our requirements for boarding.

Schedule your boarding reservation today! For a tour of our boarding facilities, feel free to drop by anytime.