Medical Assessment

The first step to ensure a proper diagnosis of your pet’s health status is a complete physical examination. We begin a medical assessment by examining your pet’s eyes, ears, mouth and skin and checking his or her cardiovascular, neurological, gastrointestinal, urogenital and skeletal systems for abnormalities. We will perform blood and/or urine tests as necessary to further assess your pet’s health.  Based on your pet’s condition, we may recommend further diagnostic tests, such as radiography (x-rays), ECG (electrocardiogram, endoscopy (internal scoping), ultrasound, or biopsy.  If serious conditions are detected we may refer you to one of a number of veterinary specialists we work closely with.

If you’re concerned that something may be wrong with your pet, please call us to schedule a medical assessment. Please don’t delay as many conditions are treated more successfully and at lower expense to you if caught early.