Laboratory Services

We have extensive in-clinic laboratory equipment to quickly and accurately assess your pet’s health status.  This includes an IDEXX Catalyst DX and LaserCyteDX machines which allow analysis of blood serum chemistries, electrolytes, red blood cell count, white blood cell count (including a differential or measurement of the various types of white blood cells), hematocrit and platelets.  Serum chemistries determine blood sugar, minerals, protein levels, and pancreatic, kidney and liver enzymes as well as other organ assessments when needed.   In addition to our in-clinic laboratory we use off-site IDEXX laboratory services to allow us to run virtually any test available in veterinary medicine.  We encourage basic blood work be run on your pet at least once a year.  More extensive testing will be recommended depending upon the age of the pet, the presence of any health conditions we detect during the physical examination, and whether any procedures requiring general anesthesia will be performed.

In addition to blood analysis we also offer a wide variety of other in-clinic laboratory testing.  We routinely conduct fecal examinations to check for intestinal parasites, urinalyses to check for bladder infections and calculi, dermatophyte tests for ringworm infection, ear and skin cytology via microscopy to determine the cause of a pet’s ear and/or skin infection, skin scrapings to test for mange mites, and microscopic analysis of needle aspirates of skin masses.

Just like in human medicine, laboratory analysis is a crucial component of proper pet health care.  If you have any questions about the laboratory testing your pet requires please discuss them with our veterinarians or staff.