Puppy Wellness

Congratulations on your new puppy! Thank you for choosing us to help protect and care for the new addition to your family.

Our puppy wellness program is designed to help get your puppy started on the right path to a long and healthy life. The first few months are a critical period in your puppy’s development, and we can give you the support and tools necessary to help him or her grow into a well-mannered, healthy dog. In addition to medical issues we will offer advice on proper nutrition, training, behavior, and socialization of your puppy.

It is important to schedule your first puppy appointment as soon as possible. A thorough physical examination will be performed to identify any hereditary or acquired conditions which could negatively impact your puppy’s health and quality of life.  Many of these conditions can be addressed successfully if caught and treated early.

Vaccinations against a number of infectious diseases are an important part of puppy veterinary visits. Until your puppy has received a series of vaccines, he or she is susceptible to many serious but largely preventable diseases. We will make sure your new dog is vaccinated against serious diseases including rabies, DHPP (which includes distemper, hepatitis or adenovirus, parainfluenza, and parvovirus), and bordetella (kennel cough).   Other vaccinations such as those for corona, leptospirosis, CIV (canine influenza virus), or Borrelia (Lyme disease) may be recommended depending on the risk factors for your puppy.

A fecal examination will be done to test your puppy for intestinal parasites. Many puppies are infected with roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, giardia, and/or Coccidia. These are intestinal worms that can cause anemia, vomiting, diarrhea, and even death if left untreated. Since dogs may not always show symptoms of parasites, it is critical to check all puppies and dogs for worms at least once a year via fecal testing.  Another important reason to be vigilant about parasite control is that some intestinal parasites (including hookworms and roundworms) are zoonotic, which means they can be transmitted from pets to people. For this reason, we will deworm your puppy even if parasite eggs are not found in the fecal examination. By ensuring that your puppy is properly treated, you can keep your entire family safe from these and other parasites.

Another parasitic disease which will be addressed on your puppy visits is heartworm disease. This is an infection that is transmitted by mosquitoes and is endemic in Florida.  Heartworms are often fatal if left untreated but are easily prevented with monthly medication.  There are a variety of different choices for heartworm prevention, some of which also help to prevent intestinal parasites and fleas.  Puppies should start on these medications as young as eight weeks of age, and we will discuss which form is best for your puppy.

We look forward to meeting your new puppy and starting him or her out on the path to a long healthy life with you.  Please call us to schedule an appointment today.